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Rider Rewards at Mike Bruno's Northshore Harley-Davidson

Rider Rewards

Ride Hard. Earn Fast.

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ATTENTION: All customer's points now expire on Dec 30th at the end of day instead of the day Rewards Acct. was created. Effective March 9, 2016.

What is the Loyalty Lagniappe Rewards Program?

The Loyalty Lagniappe Rewards Program has been specifically designed for customers of Mike Bruno's Northshore Harley-Davidson®. We want to reward our loyal customers! There are TWO ways to earn points: purchasing and participation. You will receive one point for every dollar spent with us, excluding F&I products, VIP services, wholesale transactions, insurance paid collision and service warranty. New to this program, you can also earn points by participating at store specified events! The more points you accumulate, the higher your reward.

How Do Customers Earn Points?

Through Participation.
By Participating.

Points System for Loyalty Lagniappe Members

Points given for participation:

  • Specified Store Events - 25 points
  • Specified Store Rides - 40 points
  • Purchase of a New or Used Motorcycle - 250 points
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent at the store, excluding F&I products, VIP services, wholesale transactions, insurance paid collisions and service warranty

Bonus Point System for Northshore H.O.G.® Members

  • Attend half the Monthly Chapter meetings - 500 bonus points
  • Volunteer at a Qualified Chapter event - 250 bonus points
  • Volunteer at a Qualified Chapter Ride - 100 bonus points
  • Northshore H.O.G.® members earn 1.2 points per $1 spend (subject to limitations)


*See the Northshore H.O.G.® chapter limitations for complete details.

Points EarnedReward
100$5 Reward Certificate
200$10 Reward Certificate
300$15 Reward Certificate
400$20 Reward Certificate
500$35 Reward Certificate
600$42 Reward Certificate
700$49 Reward Certificate
800$56 Reward Certificate
900$63 Reward Certificate
1,000$80 Reward Certificate
1,200$96 Reward Certificate
1,400$112 Reward Certificate
1,600$128 Reward Certificate
1,800$144 Reward Certificate
2,000$180 Reward Certificate
2,250$202 Reward Certificate
2,500$225 Reward Certificate
2,750$247 Reward Certificate
3,000$300 Reward Certificate
3,500$350 Reward Certificate
4,000$400 Reward Certificate
5,000$525 Reward Certificate
7,500$787 Reward Certificate
10,000$1,050 Reward Certificate
12,500$1,312 Reward Certificate
15,000$1,575 Reward Certificate
17,500$1,837 Reward Certificate
20,000$2,100 Reward Certificate

Point Expiration Policy

Points earned expire one year from issue date of individual card. All points must be redeemed before this date. At the year anniversary of the date the card was issued, all points will revert back to zero.

Redeeming Points

Log on to your personal profile and print out your reward certificate by going to "Please print the largest dollar coupon FIRST." Alternatively, you may also come into the dealership and have a staff member print out your reward certificate for you. Coupons expires withing 30 days of being printed.

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